Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This

Okay, *you* probably won't miss this post, since you are here now. But what I'm referring to is actually a song. You may be shocked to learn that this mom is a serious music lover.

Actually if you've read any previous posts, you already know this. But I'm not just someone who enjoys music, I really listen to it. I know all the words. And, my apologies to those within earshot, I cannot resist singing along. I firmly believe that there is a perfect song for every situation. So music is a big part of my life.

And those songs that seem to speak to me the most aren't the romantic ballads that boast of life long love (though those are great). As is usual with me, it's all about the kids. If a song is about kids or if I can apply it that way, it gets me. I'm a total sucker. And since I can cry at the drop of a hat, I cannot duck the label of sentimental sap.

Ah but friends, it's the only way to be!

While I do live in the moment, I am also well aware of how fast time passes. Whenever I look at Miss B, I remember the days when her hair fell in perfect curls around her sweetly chubby, baby face. Now she is 7! I don't know how it happened, and though I have dragged my feet as much as possible, time keeps moving forward.

And while Sister Goldenhair in her infinite toddler wisdom swears she is a baby, my heart knows the truth. She is big girl now (though I hope she will always insist, "No, I the baby!"). SG will be 3 this summer. How can this be?

And since I am a good mom, I will forever be a contradiction. I will strive to raise strong women who grow to be wise, loving, and gentle in spirit. But I will remember and miss the times when they weren't all those things yet. Who wouldn't miss being the most important person in someone's life? And yet that what parents give up when they do their job. I know I will always be important to them, but one day they will marry and start their own families.

And while I am well aware of all that I'll miss, there are times when I wish they weren't quite so good at being kids. When they bicker, whine, and pout I find that I wish they were past the stage du jour (I blame sleep deprivation for actually believing that this will improve before they pass the teenage years). But all too soon I remember just what that means. No chubby hands holding my cheeks for the perfect kiss. No one begging me to do that silly dance one more time. No one sitting on my lap. No one wanting me to play games with them or read Llama, Llama Red Pajamas and Goodnight Moon to them one more time. Someday my family room won't be devoted to a children's play space. How terrible!

And someday, my home won't be their home anymore. Yikes!

And so I'll share another song with you: You're Gonna Miss This. You will. Sure, whenever I'm cleaning up after the latest bout of the Mysterious Barfing Flu, I say I won't miss it. But even then, I will.

And if you have kids, you know what I mean. So take a minute to enjoy Trace Adkins ode to living in the moment. And remember to remember, 'cause you *will* miss this.

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