Friday, May 2, 2008

Thriving on Chaos

As a graduate student in somewhat stressful one-year MS program, one of my professors required students to purchase a book by Tom Peters titled Thriving on Chaos. The overall idea is that successful people are able to adjust to the craziness around them.

This book could easily have been written by a mom. No matter how crazy it may be at work, it never compares to the stuff that gets thrown at me at home. I could write my own book: Thriving on Chaos and How To Remove the Subsequent Stains. It would be an emotional tour de force; one mom's attempt to make it through one week without anyone getting sick, injured or insulted.

But most moms know that this actually impossible.

You may recall my last post was about the scourge that is head lice. Since that post my life has been chaotic (but thankfully not in a Britney Spears sort of way). Miss B was soon louse free, but immediately thereafter was afflicted with Fifth Disease. Luckily, she seems to have had a minor case. But of course she was covered with the lacey rash that accompanied her bouts of nausea, which required some strategic fashion choices.

Sister Goldenhair escaped this ailment (as did everyone else in the family), but we had to watch out for a couple weeks to be certain. But SG did have another bout with the Mystery Fever (insert ominous music here). Nothing specific was diagnosed, and she soon recovered. I even spent a day hovering near the brink of death. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad. But I was an utterly miserable specimen for 24 hours.

We've had the school carnival, a mini heatwave, a cold snap, and a consuming Craftster swap. All since I last blogged. And of course there has been the day to day, average chaos that consumes us all. I often thought about posting, but would decide that it would take too long to tell it all. But finally I got enough distance that I didn't feel compelled to share all infinite minutiae of each event (lucky you!).

And so I close this chaotic entry with some of the best news I've heard in a long while (and no it's not that my criminal background check came out clean, meaning I'm a go for the 1st grade field trip to the zoo): My maternal grandmother (my sole remaining grandparent) is coming out for a visit at the end of the month! She has always been one of my very favorite people. And I am thrilled for every opportunity I have to spend with her. I'm glad she'll get to see my girls too. What can I say? I am my grandma's girl.

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